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How can I Watch Hotstar Movies Online Together

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In the present associated world, watching motion pictures online with loved ones has become a better approach to mingling, paying little heed to actual distances. Hotstar, a well-known streaming stage, offers plenty of motion pictures that can be enjoyed on the whole through a "Hotstar Party," regardless of the absence of an implicit component for the synchronized survey. This guide provides an exhaustive way to sort out a Hotstar Watch Party.

It covers the essentials from ensuring device compatibility and subscribing to Hotstar to synchronizing movie playback and setting up a communication channel for real-time interaction. Embrace this modern method of shared entertainment, transforming movie nights into interactive, social experiences.

1: Choose a Compatible Device for Your Hotstar Party Extension

1.1 First, guarantee that you and your companions have a gadget viable with Hotstar. This can be a cell phone, tablet, PC, or television. Ensure everybody has a steady web association, and try not to cushion during your Hotstar Party Edge.

2: Subscribe to Hotstar for the Watch Party

2.1 Every member needs to have a functioning membership to get to the substance on Hotstar for your watch party. However, if you don't have a membership, you can pursue one on the Hotstar site or application.

3: Select a Movie for the Hotstar Watch Party

3.1 Decide on a movie everyone wants to watch for the Hotstar Party extension. You can use Hotstar’s search feature or browse through the categories to find a movie.

4: Synchronize Your Viewing for the Hotstar Watch Party

4.1 Since Hotstar doesn't have a native feature to watch movies simultaneously, you’ll need to synchronize your viewing for the Hotstar Party extension. Decide on a specific time to start the movie. Use a digital clock for precise timing.

5: Communication Setup for the Watch Party

5.1 Open a communication channel with the Hotstar Party Chrome extension; you can chat or talk while watching the movie via a gathering approach like Zoom, Skype, or WhatsApp. To prevent an echo during the movie, turn off everyone's audio.

6: Play the Movie for the Hotstar Watch Party

6.1 At the agreed-upon time, everyone should hit the play button on their device for the Hotstar Party Chrome extension. If someone needs a break, make sure to pause and resume at the same time.

7: Enjoy the Movie During the Watch Party

7.1 Now, sit back, relax, and enjoy the movie. Chat and share your reactions through your communication channel during the Hotstar Party Firefox.

8: Post-Movie Discussion for the Hotstar Watch Party

8.1 After the movie, discuss it during the Hotstar Party Firefox. Share your thoughts and opinions, just like you would if you were together in person.

8.2 Alternative Method for a Hotstar Party Edge: Using Third-Party Extensions

8.3 There are outsider program expansions like 'Teleparty' (previously Netflix Party) that can synchronize video playback and add a gathering visit to streaming stages. However, their compatibility with Hotstar for a watch party may vary.


Teleparty Watching Hotstar films online together through a Hotstar Party extension is an uncommon technique for remaining connected with friends and family, especially when you can't be together truly. You can make watching motion pictures into a senseless social involvement with a bit of coordination and the right game plan. Get Chrome Extension

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q1. What Devices are Compatible with a Hotstar Party Extension?

Hotstar is feasible with various devices for a watch party, including phones, tablets, computers, and insightful TVs. Each participant must use a device that supports Hotstar and has a dependable internet connection to avoid buffering.

Q2. How can we Synchronize Movie Playback on Hotstar for a Watch Party?

For a Hotstar Party Chrome extension, participants must manually synchronize their movie playback. This involves agreeing on a specific start time for the movie and using a digital clock for synchronized viewing.

Q3. Are there any third-party tools for Synchronized Playback during a Hotstar Watch Party?

Yes, third-party browser extensions like 'Teleparty' can be used for synchronized playback during a Hotstar Watch Party. However, it's checking compatibility with Hotstar before the watch party.

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