is now available on Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, and Mozilla Firefox

Download Teleparty To Stream Anything In Sync Worldwide

Are you planning to have fun and enjoyment with your friends and close ones, even if they reside far away from you? Then, what are you waiting for? Install the extension now and create your Teleparty now. And turn on streaming all your favorite shows, series, and movies, even with your friends,to multiply entertainment. And don’t think this online extension is restricted to streaming only, as you can enjoy a lot more using it. So, fasten your belts because, along with moving forward, we also will learn about the entire process step-by-step.

Platforms you watch


The primary thing you will like about this extension is that it is available for free. Whether you want to install or access it to begin streaming along with people worldwide. Yes, it's 100% true that using this extension lets you create your online virtual party where you can invite your friends and have fun with them. Moreover, Teleparty works as mediocre, through which you can give your priority time to one you have to spend time with. And the fun fact related to this is that we all take advantage of this as it keeps us away from this chaotic life. In order to dig more about it then, it is basically a standalone streaming platform where you can enjoy watching your favorite available movies, series, shows, short films, etc. You can accelerate its streaming service on streaming platforms as well. And these are Netflix, Hulu, Hotstar, Disney Plus, and Prime Videos. Hold on because we are still working here, as people can even host their watch party besides creating it. As a result, they can drive their online watch party in whatever way they want to.

Now, if you still think that Teleparty is all about streaming and streaming only, you might be wrong. As it offers a wide range of unique features that help in adding an essence of amplification to your streaming experience. And even make you want to create your Teleparty again and gather all your friends again. It would help if you never got worried about its picture quality as it's available in HD quality. Plus, the video playback is available with Synchronization; using these features while streaming will work best for you. Furthermore, to unload your burden regarding downloading this free accessible extension, below you have a user-friendly guide to follow. So, without a single moment, grab your popcorn & cold drinks and invite all your friends to your online Watch Party.

What are the best features of Teleparty?

Once installing the Teleparty extension, it lets you access its amazing and user-friendly features. Using these features enhances your streaming experience with your friends and family. Moreover, to learn about every single feature precisely, you can go through the downward information.

Global Accessibility
Watch Party Controllability
Customizing Chat Profile
Group-Chat Feature
Multiple Access
HD Streaming With Syncing

How does Teleparty work?

First and foremost, installing the Teleparty Chrome Extension gives you the ability to invite up to 100 people to your watch party. The least you will face while installing this extension is constant buffering or loading of web pages. So the users can enjoy rapid and smooth screening without any major glitches. It is necessary that you must have a compatible device before downloading and installing the Teleparty extension. Thus, a few of them are PC/laptops by macOS, Windows, and Chromebook. In order to learn about how to use the Teleparty extension, don’t forget to go through the one below.

First: Installation of Teleparty Extension
Second: Pining the Teleparty Extension
Third: Logging into your Streaming Account
Fourth: Searching, Selecting, and Playing
Fifth: Creating a Watch Party
Sixth: Joining the Watch Party

Enjoy with Hd resolution

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