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5 Best Ways to Watch Teleparty Movies Together Online

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Now the time and preferences of people have changed a lot then back in the old days when we used to visit movie theaters to watch movies. But now people can stay in their homes and enjoy watching not just one movie but as many as they want. All you need to do is to install the Teleparty extension and make a one-time payment. The best part is you always have the option to add your friends or watch individually online. Moreover, the Teleparty extension is filled with amazing features that can let you enjoy your watch party even more. Besides, streaming movies and shows is not just restricted to the Teleparty Chrome extension

Until or unless you have four more alternate ways to stream movies and shows, including Teleparty itself. Furthermore, you can follow the information below to know what these four alternate online streaming options, including Teleparty. But if you want to stick to the Teleparty extension, then you need to install Teleparty on your system first. Remember, your work doesn’t end at installing Teleparty as How to use Teleparty is equally significant.  

5 Online Streaming Platforms to Watch Movies with Friends 

Your wait is over, as the best five online streaming platforms to watch movies and shows with friends are here. So without any further delay, let’s begin it:    

1. Hulu Watch Party

The first we have on the list is “Hulu Watch Party,” which is another great alternative option in itself. So it would work best if you are an existing Hulu subscriber. Moreover, Hulu is filled with astonishing features, and using them at your Watch Party helps you levitate your Hulu Watch Party. The relevant and primary one is the “Global Access” feature that allows its subscribers to watch movies and shows together online, anytime or anywhere. 

Moreover, in order to enable Hulu streaming service, its users need to have a Hulu account. And to do all you need to do is visit Hulu and then search for the Watch Party icon. Furthermore, accessing the Hulu feature is only available for online users. Otherwise, the entire Hulu Watch Party extension is convenient and free to use. 

2. Gaze

The second one is “Gaze,” which is known to be useful for hosting a watch party on YouTube. When it comes to using it, Gaze is extremely easy to use. As a user, all you need to do is go to the web and create a room. Consequently, it will generate a link you need to share with a person you will stream. Moreover, one thing that you need to keep in mind is to use Gaze with two people. Gaze is always open for you, especially if you are planning to organize a long-distance date night for your special one. Furthermore, you might consider other services listed on the list if there are two or more two people out for the movie night. Get your popcorn out and ready to binge-watch those horror movies.

3. Teleparty

Another best online streaming platform is Teleparty (Netflix Party), which is one of the most widely popular movie streaming services. Moreover, it can easily work on web browsers like Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge. Downloading its extension on such browsers will let you even enjoy popular TV shows, series, and movies with your distant family members and close friends anytime, anywhere, worldwide. And to accelerate its streaming service, you need to install the Teleparty extension on your PC/laptop first. And then, you need to visit Netflix; from there, you need to choose a film or series to watch. 

After playing the movie, pause it until or unless you click the red button addressing “NP.” You can easily find the “NP” button in the top right of your screen. Further, it will show a watch party link, which you must share with your close and dear ones to invite them to the watch party. You can make your watch party even more by using its amazing attributes, such as “Group Chat.” The Teleparty extension is not restricted to Netflix only, as it is also compatible with Hulu, Disney+, and HBO streaming extensions. 

4. Scener

The next fourth one is “Scener,” which is another free Chrome extension. Scener is popularly known as a great alternative to host watch parties over big platforms. Installing the Scener extension helps you watch movies and shows from different streaming platforms. And these are Hulu, Netflix, Amazon Prime, HBO Max, YouTube, etc., along with your friends online. When it comes to its complementary specifications, Scener can provide you with a text chat feature, a video feature, and the ability to watch movies while seeing your friends' faces on the right panel of the screen.

But at the same time, Scener provides two options for streaming. The first one is to have subscriptions to the streamer of their choice. And secondly, watching movies or shows from a free website. The unique and best part you will find about this is that it enables its users to join scheduled public watch parties. Consequently, you can enjoy watching movies and shows with your friends and other users. 

5. Two Seven

The last one is “Two Seven,” which is also another third-party website. The one thing that stands out from the rest of other platforms is that it lets its user group stream a variety of services. And these are Netflix, HBO Now, Vimeo, Amazon Prime Video, and YouTube. Moreover, Two Seven also lets you show downloaded personal videos. Regarding its features, it offers user messaging and video, so you can chat and react and communicate with each other even while watching videos in real-time sync.

In order to access the “Two Seven” streaming service, you need to visit its website’s homepage. And then, click on the “Get Started” button to log in. Further, you need to click the “Start Watching” button. So you can create a watch party invitation link. You need to share this link to invite your friends and family members. However, the streaming on “Two Seven” is free, but you can switch to a paid tier at $3/monthly for screen sharing of Hulu and Disney Plus. 

Why Choose Teleparty? 

There are several reasons for taking Teleparty on the priority list among other streaming services. But following the few ones, the Teleparty Chrome extension lets you host your watch party on different streaming platforms. And these are Hulu, Netflix, Disney Plus, HBO Max, etc. Another reason is that you can use this extension for free and throw as many watch parties as you want. Last, people should switch to this extension as it has unique and amazing features.  

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