How To Use Teleparty Extension To Watch Tv And Movies Together Online

Teleparty Extension

Watch Parties like Netflix Party, Hulu Party, Prime Video Party, and HBO Max Party via Teleparty Extension ease the quarantine and lockdown. Many took the blanket of entertainment to escape reality. Furthermore, this became one of the best ways to be together with your close ones and distant loved ones. Even though the situation is lifted and people are back to their everyday lives, you can still take a pause. Hence, you can play the entertainment with your friends and family with the pause. Moreover, Teleparty Extension is still an excellent option to socialize with distant friends & family and turn your TV screens into theaters. Therefore, host the most amazing watch parties filled with fun entertainment coupled with good company and snacks.

How To Use Teleparty Extension?

Teleparty is a contemporary method of being together with your close ones and distant loved ones. Furthermore, it has a slew of fantastic features, enhancing your streaming experience and making you crave more. Aside, you can host a watch party for up to 100 people, thus giving you a total vibe of a virtual movie theater. Therefore, if you haven’t tried the Teleparty Extension yet, then rush now. Also, the following instruction will direct you with the installation procedure and using steps.

1. Install the Teleparty Extension

Go to any of the updated web browsers like Chrome, Microsoft Edge, and Firefox and search for the Teleparty. Click on the webpage and then click the “Install Teleparty” button. After that, you will be routed to the Chrome Web Store; click “Add to Chrome” to complete the Teleparty installation. Furthermore, you can tap here to install the extension.

2. Pin the Extension

After installing the extension, you will see the “Tp” button next to your address bar. Thus, pin it to the toolbar to effortlessly use it in the future. However, if the “Tp” button isn’t visible, click the puzzle icon next to the URL bar and pin the “Tp” button to your toolbar.

3. Login to your Account

Next, log in to the streaming platform account you have a subscription to. Furthermore, make sure that other watch party members should have their accounts on the common streaming platform. Teleparty Extension supports streaming platforms like Netflix, Prime Video, HBO, Hulu, Peacock TV, Pramarmount Plus, and YouTube. Then, search for whatever video you like and start watching it.

4. Host a Watch Party

Now, click the “Tp” button next to the address bar to open the extension. Then, to get the party started, click the “Start Party” button to generate the watch party URL. Therefore, share the party URL with your friends and family and with everyone you want at your party.

5. Join the Watch Party

To join a party, first, you must complete all the steps mentioned above. Then, tap on the invitation URL shared by the party host with you. After that, it will direct you to an entertainment extravaganza with the best company and multiple entertainment genres.    

Above mentioned will guide with the successful installation of the Teleparty extension. Furthermore, now you know to use the extension with simple steps. Therefore, do wait any more and download now!